Friday, August 08, 2008

Save the Ocelot from Homeland Security

OcelotProtect the Ocelots of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Fewer than 100 ocelots still roam the Lower Rio Grande Valley. These few ocelots are endangered by the 70 miles of fence that the Department of Homeland Security is constructing in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. This fence will destroy the thorn scrub habitat of the ocelot and prevent the ocelots from swimming across the Rio Grande to mate.

The border fence would destory large areas of the 130-mile habitat corridor that exists along the Rio Grande. The federal government paid millions of dollars to protect this area, which is now a sanctuary for rare wildlife and supports a thriving ecotourism industry. It is a birding paradise.

In other US-Mexico border areas, Homeland Security officials have been willing to implement projects that avoid fencing and involve habitat improvements. Such alternatives must be considered for the Lower Rio Grande Valley as well, home to 17 threatened and endangered species and great wildlife diversity.

Take action now – urge your member of Congress to support border security alternatives that don't harm wildlife in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


Rich Dansereau said...

This is awful! In the name of some perceived homeland security issues, we will drive yet another species to extinction. This is shameful!

CyberCelt said...

@rich-the wall has got to go. It is splintering habitat, changing borders and doing irreparable harm. For what? To keep a work force from reaching work? I say, let them come. Register them and let them walk proudly across the bridge. If they screw up, send them back. Most of the time, this is not the case.


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