Tuesday, July 15, 2008

President Bush: the Decider or the Defiler?


Yesterday, G.W. Bush lifted a ban on offshore oil drilling put in place by his father, George Bush and urged lawmakers to do the same. Blaming high gas prices on Congress, he had this to say:

As the Democratically controlled Congress has sat idle, gas prices have continued to increase. Failure to act is unacceptable. It's unacceptable to me, and it's unacceptable to the American people.
Bush lifts offshore drilling ban - Yahoo! News

Of course, if we started drilling tomorrow it would not impact our energy crisis in any way for a decade.


WASHINGTON -- The White House is trying to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from publishing a document that could become the legal roadmap for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions in the U.S. . . . latest development in a long-running conflict between the EPA and the White House over climate-change policy. . .The draft document, which has been viewed by The Wall Street Journal, outlines how the government, under the Clean Air Act, could regulate greenhouse-gas emissions ...

via Wall Street Journal

Bush's entire presidency has been on of stepping on scientific truth to push political agendas.


Last month, it was reported that The White House has refused to accept the Environmental Protection Agency's conclusion that greenhouse gases are pollutants that must be controlled. Further, the email sent in December of 2007 containing the findings of the EPA would not be opened.

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Is this any way to run a government? I do not think we must wait for the history books to rate GWB as president. He gets an F- for all that has happened on his watch. What is really sad is that he has children who will have children that will inherit this mess that he has stirred up. May God forgive him for I can not find it in me to pardon him.


John said...

I really hope this doesn't go through... I really don't think that opening up more land for drilling is the answer we should use that money to invest in better public transportation or alternative energy resources.

CyberCelt said...

@john-I am so with you! There are thousands of acres of leases that have not been drilled. Why do we have to mess with the ocean.


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