Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Gore Wants to Bring Back Prosperity

In a speech in Washington, DC, Nobel Laureate and Former Vice President Al Gore will issue a major challenge, essentially pressing the "reset" button on how we think about energy and climate, and how we can create prosperity in America.

Al Gore's speech will generate a great deal of attention and excitment. Be sure to check back at for full coverage of the event the afternoon of July 17!


Poet said...

It would be great if we really could be oil independent by 2018, but I don't see us going for it. However, it is great that someone out there is fighting for this to get done. Even if he only puts a little bit of pressure on Congress to do something that is still more than if he weren't doing this.

CyberCelt said...

@poet-This is a call to action to everyone. We could be oil dependent by 2010 if we would put our creativity, genius and ingenuity for peaceful purposes.


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