Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who Will Host Your Next Domain?

Every time Blogger goes down, will not let me upload a file, or changes items you would not know about until you read the Blogger blog, I want to move my blogs. I have secured the Endangered Spaces blog domain, so is will probably move that blog next.

I was looking at and they have the top ten choices listed on their comparison matrix (above). Unfortunately, there are not many differences between vendors.

HostMaster, StartLogic and Web Hosting Pad are priced the same, $4.95 per month with zero setup, and unlimited disk space and data transfer. Host Gator and 1&1 are also $4.95, but with restrictions on disk space and data transfer.

The next price grouping is $6.95 per month with free setup. InMotion Hosting, BlueHost, GoDaddy and Fast Domain are in this price range. InMotion hosting has restrictions on disk storage and data transfer of 1500 Gb for each per month. BlueHost and Fast Domain have no restrictions on storage or transfer. 1&1 has restrictions on both storage and transfer, 120 Gb and 1200 Gb, respectively. GoDaddy restricts storage to 100 Gb and transfer to 1000 Gb.

Yahoo! charges $11.95 per month for unlimited disk space and data transfer.

I believe the Best 10 Hosting Sites page is a great place to start looking for a hosting package. The top ten in order are listed above.

From there, you should look at the Browse by Specific Features, which are : Unix, Windows, No Setup, 24 Hour Support, JSP / Java VM, PHP, FrontPage, MySQL, MS SQL, Streaming Audio/Video, Dedicated IP, Mailing List, Python, ASP, SSL Miva Merchant/Empressa, Perl and Register Domains. If you click on any of these terms, you will be given a list of other hosts that offer these services. Unfortunately, with the bells and whistles come more fees and lesser rankings.

Good luck!

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