Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Polar Bears Need Help Again

Polar Bear and Cub
Last month the current administration was forced to recognize the seriousness of the threat to polar bear survival from global warming. Polar Bears were added to the Endangered Species list.

However, the administration refuses to address the effects of global warming on the rapidly melting sea ice and allows environmentally damaging oil and gas development to continue in the Arctic.

US Representatives Jay Inslee and Maurice Hinchey have introduced a bill to halt oil and gas leases in the bears' Arctic habitat until scientists can fully assess the environmental impacts and designate protected critical habitat.

Click to support the "Polar Bear Seas Protection Act" and ensure that polar bears get the protection they need to survive.


biorhythm said...

It is very damn need to help them. I am trying to build some consciousness in my community.

Anon said...

polar bears gonna pay for our luxury ( indutrilization & modernization )
i am an environmentalist and i fully support any act that would protect nature.

thx for ur blog it is in my fav now :)

keep it up plz

CyberCelt said...

@biorhythm-Thanks for anything you can do.

@anon-Thank you! Leave a link next time so I can visit you. I am do follow blogger.


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