Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Grist : McCain and Big Oil

Oil Together Now
McCain talks energy on the campaign trail; Obama endorsed by Gore

While campaigning last week, presidential candidate John McCain laid out energy ideas galore. In a big energy speech, McCain called for lifting the federal ban on offshore drilling, and also boosted renewables and conservation. McCain also released a new climate-focused ad aiming to distance himself from President Bush -- just before Bush also called for lifting the offshore-drilling moratorium. Also in speeches last week, McCain called for 45 new nuclear reactors in the U.S. by 2030, more flex-fuel vehicles, equal federal support to all forms of ethanol, better enforcement of existing fuel-efficiency standards, and a $300 million prize for a drastically improved electric car battery. For his part, Barack Obama last week called for closer regulation of oil speculators, criticized McCain's offshore-drilling shift, and secured the endorsement of the Sierra Club, United Steelworkers, and Al Gore.

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Cirtex said...

Offshore-drilling will be a wrong idea to start.Obama is not mistaken in Oil Together decision.

Anonymous said...

thank you very good

CyberCelt said...

@cirtex-Thanks for stopping by.

@anonymous-Leave your link next time if you have a blog. I am a do follow blogger.

Bucko said...

I am sick of people saying off-shore drilling is a bad idea. Its happening whether we are apart of it or not. China is drilling off our shore but we can't, its ridiculous. We should be tapping all of our possible resources and stop depending on middle eastern resources. How is it better for the world for us not to drill but to have other countries drill our oil for us. Who do you think would do a cleaner job, us or middle eastern countries?


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