Saturday, May 31, 2008

Support Clean Power Industry

The federal tax credits that support investments in wind and solar power are about to expire. If Congress lets these clean energy credits lapse, 116,000 jobs and $19 billion in investments for 2009 will be immediately at risk.

The clean power industry has been a bright spot in our economy -- providing good jobs, relief from skyrocketing energy prices and solutions to the climate crisis. The industry is poised to make great leaps in scale. Inaction from Washington to slow this momentum would be a mistake -- and could lead investors back to the polluting fossil-fuel industries of the past.

Take action on this one, please! Sign the petition to Congress at We Can Solve It!


diy help said...

Oh I hope they do something about it. It's good to have clean power industry after all this while the pollution is getting worse, Hope they will consider carefully bout its good to the climate crisis we facing rite now...Btw, I signed the petition already, hopefully it helps. Thnx for posting this.

Marc Klein said...

Moving towards a clean industry is a really good idea. It will reduce the pollution burden on the world otherwise also it good for health of the people. said...

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Kristian Liebrand said...

Blogging about some technical terms or discussing some technical things is a good idea but it is not understandable by a lot many people. A lot many people didn’t come to know what the blogger is telling and the traffic on the blog educes.

Monteath said...

Great post. I really enjoy this type of information, and after some of the normal "broody" years right after college, I'm really feeling more optimistic then ever that the tide is turning and people are really getting momentum in forcing good positive change. Thanks for sharing this information!

allen said...

clean air is a must! they need to fix it now.

CyberCelt said...

@diy-Thanks for your support.

@marc-Breathing is essential.

@mombu-Thanks for your writeup.

@kristian-Ask if you do not understand something.

@monteath-Keep your positive attitude. You can make a difference.

@allen-Thanks for stopping by.

Matthew home said...

I agree! Government and the rest of mankind should support clean power! It is the only way we can survive. Pollution is just terrible and people should act now. Global warming is worsening. The price of fuel is increasing. Everything is just terrible and there is only one answer to this and that is the clean power industry.


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