Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burma Update

More than three weeks after the devastating cyclone in Burma, at least 200,000 people are feared dead and 2.5 million people remain in urgent need of aid.

Most people have still not received the aid they desperately need because the regime continues to deny aid workers free access to operate in the areas most severely affected by the cyclone.

Following reports that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon had secured agreement from Burma's generals for aid workers to be allowed into the country, it was hoped that things would change.

However, it is now clear that the regime is not keeping its word. Aid workers are being denied visas and unable to operate freely in the worst affected areas. The US, UK and France are still being blocked from using their resources to deliver the large scale emergency and medical assistance needed.

Visit the BurmaCampaign website for updates.


Patrick said...

For a country that's been as heavily devastated by a cyclone as Burma, their government's continued resistance to large-scale relief efforts is alarming. Why can't their government realize that it's all for their people and not about usurping power? Oh, wait, the Burmese government DOES realize it's for the people because they're passing off what little foreign aid has come in as coming from them.

Luca Govoni said...

Burma needs a lot of help. I have read and heard so much about it. I hope god will bring the people together to bring down regime.

robee said...

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Marc Klein said...

Burma is going through a rough patch. All the people and humanity had to join hands so that we can support them and help them in there bad times to bring peace to there country.


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