Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Third and Final Roof

In May of 2006, we had a hailstorm that hurled softball size hail down onto San Marcos, Texas. The roofs and the vehicles at the outlet mall and the car dealers located nearby were destroyed. People lost control of their cars as their windshields exploded and they were faced with flying glass and ice. Chucks of ice knocked people unconscious as they ran for cover.

At our home, we had no warning. The hail sounded like thunder. As the size of the hail grew, from pea size to baseball size, the sound became more like gunshots as it hit our travel trailer and cars. One by one, the windshields on our cars cracked and then failed. All the roof vents, the air conditioner, the TV antenna, the gravel guard and finally, the roof on our travel trailer gave way beneath the weight of the hail.

We lost windows, gutters, the outside component of our air conditioner, lawn furniture, a metal storage shed, and most of our roof. The shingles on our roof just shattered under the impact of the hail. Then the hail went through the underlayment and the wood of the roof deck, to rest upon the insulation in the attic. Then the hail melted and destroyed some of our ceilings in the house. What a mess!

This was the second roof we had lost on our home. The first time was due to high winds. This time, we were determined that we were not going to replace the roof again in our lifetimes. I did some research and found the shingle I wanted. The GAF-Elk Premium Designer Shingle exceeds all industry performance standards. Every GAF-Elk Premium Designer Shingle includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

When we read of the Smart Choice® protection--non-prorated reimbursement for replacement materials and labor to install the roof for the first ten years AND 110 mph wind coverage-- we decided this was the shingle for us.

Today the roof is beautiful, our home insurance is discounted, and we no longer worry about hail and wind damage each time it rains. As an added bonus, the shingle color we chose reflects a lot of the sunlight and we have noticed an insulating effect we did not expect.

So, if you need a new roof, Explore GAF Roofing Options! For a few dollars more, get the peace of mind a high-grade roof provides.


cheks900 said...

wow you have a wonderful home.
i love it.
hey, can i move in? (jk)


Generic Socks said...

It's nice to see a roof that looks great on the house and offers the buyer protection of his/her home, as well as other benefits.

maggie said...

you have a really beautiful house.


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