Friday, April 11, 2008

Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer?

Between 1973 and 1998, the rate of incidents of breast cancer in the USA increased by more than 40 percent. Today, women have a one in eight chance of having breast cancer.

Learn about where and how we come into contact with chemicals and radiation linked to increased breast cancer risk. Then discover what can be done to cut your exposure.

State of the Evidence 2008 is a comprehensive report on the link between the environment and increased breast cancer risk.

The evidence is divided into three categories: chemical carcinogens, hormones and endocrine disrupting compounds and radiation.

Right-click and save link as to download PDF State of the Evidence 2008

Please pass this information on.


Matthew S. Urdan said...

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Yog said...

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Kristian Liebrand said...

Its quite dangerous that change in environment is increasing the chances of breast cancer.I think every women should take precautionary measures.

deb said...

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new zealand tourism said...

I truly believe all forms of cancer are on the rise. I have several members of my family who live very healthy lifestyles who are currently battling one form or another. We are poisoning our enviroment and our bodies beyond repair.

Dagny McKinley said...

I am aware of the rising danger of breast cancer. I absolutely agree that our environment, the chemicals we are exposed to and the hormones we ingest on a daily basis are killing us. But because of new technology, we are also able to detect breast cancer in higher numbers than ever before. This gives women a better chance of fighting cancer.

What I would love to see are more tips on how to cope with cancer and how positive attitudes and proper nutrition heal.

Dagny McKinley

Zantrex 3 said...

Very interesting post. I'm going to forward it onto my friends!


mark said...

Thanks for the info I am goin to pass this info on to the females in my family!!

1 in 8 is a ridiculous amount of women developing this disease, lets spread awareness!

Free ringtones said...

You know what I don't understand is why are we spending trillions of dollars fighting bloody wars all over the world when so many people of our "so called great nation" are dying! I don't mean soldiers I mean civilians with Cancer. Why can't we re-route all those funds for that?

Well why can't we? Coz the drugs companies won't make the money selling their stupid drugs. God it frustrates me beyond measure!

Coffee Maker Ratings said...

Didn't know the numbers were that high. Knowledge I now know and will spread to all females friends and family.


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