Sunday, March 09, 2008

One More Plea on Behalf of Gray Wolves

Below is a short video of the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska.

Take action for the Alaskan wolves here.

I cannot stop thinking of the wolves in the Rockies. As the ONLY ancestor of the domestic dog, the gray wolf resemble a German Shepherd or Malamute.

Wolves are social animals. They live, travel and hunt in family groups consisting of the alpha male and female, their pups, and several other younger or older animals. Wolves develop close relationships. They have been known to sacrifice themselves to save a member of the family.

Gray wolves once roamed freely in the Rocky Mountains, but they had virtually disappeared from the region by the 1930s. Wolves were reintroduced in 1995 and protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Now, not even 15 years hence, the current administration has removed wolves from the Endangered Species List. This leaves them open to plans in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho that will have the wolves hunted down and killed--all of them.

Take action with the Defenders of Wildlife Campaign.

Show support for funding National Wildlife Refuges.

Help stop the extinction of the wolves,
no matter where they live!

More Endangered Wolves

Southwest wolves are struggling to survive: the latest population count confirms only 4 breeding pairs, and 52 wolves total, in the wild! If you live in Arizona or New Mexico, please sign the petition to support sensible, science-based management of struggling Southwest wolves.


Phos Tan said...

the wolves deserve better! hope that all of them will have better life in the future as we move into the green period.

Alien Insomniac said...

I really despise people who think we can sustain an ecology by eliminating the natural predators and only keeping around seemingly "benign" creatures like deer.

Toronto Dedicated Servers said...

This type of wolf is a rare species I think.So we have to work for better living of them.

Tee said...

What a terrible way to treat such a gorgeous animal! Hopefully people wise up. I agree with alien insomniac - people are really screwing up any sort of natural balance by interfering so much.

Cryxellis said...

That was gross.. why they should eliminate wolves? As far as I'm concern this animal would not hurt you as long as you didn't do anything that will make them mad at you. And the traits that I like about them was , they are united and will protect member of the clan even their own life will be at stake. So better let those animals in freedom..

Kamagra said...

This type of wolf is a rare species. We need to save them.


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