Monday, February 11, 2008

Six Degrees to Extinction

On Valentine's Day, February 14 at 8pm ET, tune into the National Geographic Channel for the special, “Six Degrees Could Change The World.” This special offers a hypothetical look at how the world might change, degree by degree, if we do not curtail our emissions.
  • At One Degree, the world will experience a new American desert, massive coral bleaching, and lost Australian rainforests.

  • At Two Degrees, oceanic acidity will rise drastically, India will begin to face extreme Monsoon seasons, and water shortages will spell trouble in China and South America.

  • At Three Degrees, the Arctic will face 80% ice loss, New York City suffers from flooding, and Southern California will be constantly at risk for fires.

  • At Four Degrees, Asia will suffer from melting permafrost and Florida residents will become climate refugees.

  • At Five Degrees, the desert dry belt in Africa will expand drastically, and human colonies will begin to pioneer Antarctica.

  • At Six Degrees, the carbon cycle will explode and the human race will be struggling for survival.
Visit: to explore the world as it may be if six degrees are added to the current temperature.

Below is one of the promotional videos for“Six Degrees Could Change The World.” It will scare you to death.

I was thinking that, although I do not like using scare tactics to educate, if it wakes people up to the climate change that could happen, it will be worth it.

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Literatura said...

Wow! It sounds soo catastrophic!


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