Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recycle, Save Energy and Reuse

This started as a reply to a blog post about how no one recycles any longer. I decided it was too long for a comment, so I am writing it as a blog post instead.

I am not citing the blog post because I do not want the green wrath of environmental bloggers to come down on someone because of something I wrote. LOL

green martianWhat I do to recycle and save energy.

I do:
- work from home.
- eat mostly raw foods from local growers.
- recycle every piece of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal that enters home.
- buy in bulk.
- filter my own water to drink in reusable bottles.
- receive statements and pay bills online.
- carry my bags into the grocery store for my purchases.
- pass on all usable items to charities.
- recycle old clothes into rags to use for cleaning.
- shop at Goodwill (thrift store) and pawn shops first when I need something.
- water my plants with gray water from my washing machine.
- set thermostat to 80 degrees in summer and 60 degrees in winter.
- use oil-filled radiant heater to heat a room instead of turning on heater.
- compost all kitchen waste and yard waste.
- burn candles or open windows for freshening effect.
- reuse any plastic bags to line my small trash cans.
- air dry all my clothes.
- belong to FreeCycle.
- plan our excursions into town to use the least fuel.
- use cold water to wash clothes.
- use low-energy and air-dry settings on dishwasher.
- use soaker hoses instead of sprinklers to water.
- have all wood from tree trimming chipped and use as mulch.

I have purchased:
- a car that gets over 20 miles to the gallon (Camry).
- a scooter to get around town (50+ mpg).
- a diesel truck so that we may use biodiesel for our road trips.
- compact fluorescent bulbs for all sockets in home (now I am looking at LEDs).
- low-flow toilets.
- low-flow shower heads.
- energy star dishwasher.
- energy star washer and dryer.
- energy star refrigerator/freezer
- rechargeable batteries and charger for my camera.
- programmable timer for my hot water heater (and set temperature to 120 degrees).
- insulation blanket for my hot water heater.
- solar screens for every window in my home.
- replacement, energy-efficient windows for windows on west side of my home.
- thermal curtains for all windows in my home.
- a ceiling fan for every room in my home.
- most energy efficient a/c and heater, which I have serviced 2x yearly.
- 50 year roof that is wind-resistant, fire-resistant and hail-resistant.
- hardiplank siding for home (fire and rot-proof, and does not have to painted as often as regular siding)

I do not:
- use paper towels.
- use plastic utensils.
- leave water running while I wash my face, brush my teeth or wash my hands.
- buy items in plastic that cannot be recycled.
- purchase items with excess packaging.
- use Swifter.
- use bleach.
- use detergents with phosphates.
- use toxic chemicals to clean.
- sit with my car running at the bank. drive-through, etc.
- subscribe to newspapers.

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Expat said...

Now a days Energy is big problem for all the country.most of us waste energy for nothing.Thanks to you for your awareness.
But paper towels and newspapers are important for our everyday life. You should use that.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that anyone doesn't think people don't recycle any more.

Of course I don't live in the same country as you do so situations are different, but I would say in the UK and increasingly in France, people are trying to be more and more aware of the environment.

It is very different here, we don't have air conditioning in many places at all; we would consider a car ought to do 50 mpg these days; but we do drink too much bottled water.

I'm talking in general not personally. Personally I would almost (only almost because some things are just different) be able to match your list.

Very interesting post!

Andrey Troy said...

Of courzzz energy is a big problem and if big country try to used the whatever little countrys has that not good...

xpango said...

nice list on how save energy. This is what my country needs. Unfortunately, the citizens here are not well disciplined.

Crafty Green Poet said...

In the Uk people are recycling more I would say, and most areas are making it easier all the time to recycle (but still there are people who put cardboard into the trash when there's a recycling bin next to it!).

Your list is excellent! We don't have a car or a tumble dryer and we put on an extra layer of clothing before we switch the heating on. Our heating is set quite low when it is on. We needed a new washing machine recently and bought the most energy efficient one we could find that was sold locally. We recently also bought a new toilet and went for a dula flush one to save water, also we take the 'yellow is mellow' approach to flushing.

CyberCelt said...

@expat-I do not need paper towels, I use cloth towels. I read newspapers online. Thanks for worrying about me, though.

@a-Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I wish we had cars that get 50 mpg. The oil and gas companies and American car manufacturers have us wrapped up.

@andrey troy-The USA does use the bulk of the world's energy. This will change.

@xpango-I believe it will become a fiscal consideration soon and that everyone will be conserving.

@crafty green poet-LOL! We use the mellow is yellow protocol as well. Thanks for stopping by.

CamryHybrid said...

Wow, that's a pretty impressive list! I think that as prices continue to tighten the average consumer's budget, you'll see a lot more making conservative choices that will benefit the environment as well.

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