Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take a Stand for State's Rights

Thirteen states have already adopted clean car standards to reduce global warming pollution from vehicles. The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson rejected--the advice of his staff, directives of two federal judges, and the Supreme Court--and denied the waiver that states needed to implement these standards.

On January 2, California filed a lawsuit to compel the EPA to grant the waiver. Sixteen other states have already joined this lawsuit, including three states that have yet to commit to the clean car standards.

Please tell your Attorney General to join the California lawsuit and stand up to this dangerous attack on our states’ legal rights. A copy of your letter will also be sent to your governor. States only have until February 1 to join this lawsuit, so please send your message today!

Take action here today.

1 comment:

noroadzone said...

i think the government should implement these standards for hybrid cars are proven to help our environment in reducing global warming...


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