Friday, January 18, 2008

Here's Your Sign :

Do you need a customized sign, placard, banner, notice, license plate or bumper sticker printed? I stumbled across a good site where you can have custom signs made; can print anything.

Do you want a custom street sign for your ranch road or driveway? How about a magnetic sign for your car? Banners are handy when you are part of a conference or to define your space at a crafts fair. No matter what your project, it only takes three steps to make it. Pick a template, customize it with your artwork or logo, pick your material or other options. Proof it and have it printed. Easy.

I want to have a custom bumper sticker made for Michael which says Save the Fire Ants. He had one a few years ago that we purchased from a couple at the swimming pool. He loved the looks he got when people read it. I think it was too tame, I want one that states: Some Days Its Just Not Worth Gnawing Through the Straps.

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