Monday, December 17, 2007

Help With Hosting Choices

This is a review of Web Hosting Choice, an online guide to web hosting located at WebHostingChoice has a directory of hosting plans that you may search to find web hosting plans suitable for you. You may search by monthly cost, setup fee, as well as disk space and bandwidth needed.

The advanced search page will allow you to check every single item that you want in a webhost, including minimum number of POP emails addresses, FTP accounts, subdomains, mailing lists and databases or uptime percentage. You may check the features you want such as webmail, control panel, backups, dedicated IP, anonymous FTP, non-HTTP streaming audio or video, raw log files, visitor statistics, 24/7 Support, and payment options. If you are a tech person, you may also search for hosts with FrontPage extensions, SSL, PHP, server side Java Servlets and Javascript, SSH, shopping cart, server side includes, Cold Fusion, ASP, Chilisoft ASP, C/C++ and Perl, for example.

They also have a great page titled, Web Hosting Scams which identifies problems you may want to watch for, such as claims of unlimited bandwidth or disk space, no contact information for the company, long term contracts, domain registration not in your name, no money back guarantee and complicated uptime calculations.

I found this site helpful and hope you do too. It is confusing trying to make decisions on web hosts.


Joseph said...

The "quick start" guide on webhostingchoice was very useful to me when was initially looking around to build and host my file hosting site
For all raw newbies to web site building and hosting I highly recommend the FAQ page on webhostingchoice.

CyberCelt said...

@joseph-Thanks for sharing.

Gisol said...

I cannot stress enough how much research needs to be done before choosing a web host. I found out to my cost by signing up to a host and getting scammed by them. As well as checking out review sites, just do a websearch for the name of the company you’re looking into.

The main thing I have found is to avoid companies that advertise “unlimited bandwith”. There is no way that they can live up to their promise.


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