Monday, December 03, 2007

Green IQ: How Green Are You?

The GreenIQ- How Green are You? test is a simple quiz that takes 5 minutes or less to complete. Taking the quiz and viewing the results, which is your GreenIQ, will help you to determine the impact, weight or carbon footprint of your lifestyle. My GreenIQ was 69, but there is always room for improvement. The Green IQ website has may tips and resources to help you raise your IQ!

Check out the Green Gift Guide on the website. Make Santa happy. Go green this Christmas.

GreenIQ- Reduce your Environmental Impact

Do your part to stop global warming with our online calculator that measures the pollution your lifestyle produces.

GreenIQ takes your transportation, home and lifestyle choices into account when measuring your environmental weight.

More than reduce, reuse, recycle; buy organic food, bamboo clothes and natural makeup to decrease your environmental footprint. Try our questionnaire calculate it.

Reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint now with these environmentally friendly products and services.

Easy tips to green your home, office, gym and travel, to make you more carbon efficient and environmentally friendly.

Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Pat Monahan are going green. Find out how hybrid cars, reusable bags, and yoga have made then score a high GreenIQ.

Our GreenIQ team of environmentalists, scientists, and eco experts define your carbon and environmental footprint and minimize your personal pollution.

Green Gift Guide
Spread some green holiday cheer with our Green Gift Guide. We’ve got gifts for everyone from divas to babies, techies to pets.

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