Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Future of Landscape Lighting

Lighting your landscape with light emitting diodes (LEDs) saves energy, and, in the long term, money. The LEDs you install for landscape lighting will last up to 20 times longer than incandescent or Halogen lights. LEDs are made without filaments and glass, so they are rugged and durable. LED landscape lights do not contain mercury or other environmentally hazardous materials.

LEDs are highly efficient, using up to 90 percent less energy than traditional lighting. One reason they use less energy is because they do not produce waste energy in the form of heat. Your light fixtures will remain cool to the touch, less likely to start a fire due to overheated wiring.

LED landscape lighting offers greater flexibility in landscaping applications because the LEDs may be placed at great distance from the transformer without voltage drop. LEDs in combination with solar power means that you may transform your yard into a showplace without spending a fortune in energy costs.

The LED is the future of lighting, whether inside your house or in your yard. They come in colors for holidays, white for weddings and the LED rope lights are a hit for decorating the rooms of teenagers.


The Garden Gossip said...

LED lights are really great! I got some last year and I just loved them!!
The Garden Gossip

Crafty Green Poet said...

LED lights are great but perhaps a more fundamental question needs to be asked about landscape lighting - ie why do we need so much of it!

Blake said...

LEDs are going to be the future. We had LED Christmas tree lights this year, and they were something like 3 cents a strand a day of electricity to run.

Lighting said...

We have a few LED lights for xmas decorations but not much in the realm of landscape lighting. We are working on bringing more LED vendors though. We agree, the energy savings are very much worth it.

Vinaccia Integral Design said...

LED lamps are the right choice for those who are looking for energy savings, and hopes in a more “green” world, led lamps are not longer cold and technology objects , but they are beginning to be beautiful objects suitable to decorate your homes. We are working on this project for a couple of years, for example, we are very satisfied with the results of the desk lamp “Asymmetric” completely built in glazed ceramic, it use as light source 8W LED. (like 70w traditional bulbs).
At this address the complete project :

Anonymous said...

Wow, elephant ivory. Pretty disgusting.

Calgary Computer Repair said...

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Shaun Marsh said...

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