Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Five Clicks for Wildlife Day

Click picture below to view the complete
enviroACTION from National Wildlife Federation

Ducks in pond
Speak Up for Wildlife This Month

Take action by clicking the links below:

1. Cry fowl for Chesapeake Bay ducks.

2. Stop non-native species from musseling in on U.S. ports

3. Continue the flood! Make sure Congress passes the Clean Water Restoration Act.

4. Speak up for salmon in the Columbia and Snake rivers.

In a hurry? Just click one of the links above to take action for a cause.

Note: Please take time to click and send a letter to your representative. They are elected officials and should represent the wishes of the people who vote them into office. What makes an even stronger statement is calling your elected official. You probably will not be able to talk with them, but the person who answers the phone will take down your name, address, phone number and your comments. Ask for their name and, using their name, ask them to read them to read your comments back to you.


Siddhaswarupananda said...

I backflipped the links.
I think that it's of great value to make sure that our environment is saved and that people learn to protect and care for our environment.

CyberCelt said...

@Siddhaswarupananda-Thank you for taking action. Pass it on. Together we will make a difference to Mother Earth.


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