Friday, October 12, 2007

Solar Decathlon Heats Up

Visit the Solar Decathlon site and view the work of all the teams. Support these young men and women from all disciplines who have come together to build energy efficient homes.

Of course, they all have solar energy, but you will be amazed at the other technological advances, such as glass walls that can open like doors or stand like walls, modular panels that contain all utilities and can basically be swapped from one area to another, blurring of the indoor/outdoor spaces, and growing green walls and roofs. You will also see recycling of water, wood, steel and glass.

Please take a moment to view the gallery of homes here and then return to Vote for your favorite team! on BP Solar Decathlon Blog. You may want to wait until all the homes are in the gallery, or you can visit the team websites to see all the technical specs and plans. These are not cheap homes, by any means, and most are around 600 sf.

My favorite so far is Kansas! There are two Texas universities in the competition, so you know I am fighting my urge to vote for Kansas. Take a look and you tell me. I think Kansas will be the winner.

Kansas Solar Decathlon EntryThe face of the future of housing
2007 Kansas State
Solar Decathlon Entry


Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog said...

Thanks, great info. I am adding a post on my blog about this.

CyberCelt said...

@curious-Thanks for stopping by. I will follow you back to your blog. I want to see which team you liked.


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