Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Much Did the Hardwood Floors Really Cost?

This is an excellent post about the true cost of certain hardwood used for flooring, cabinets and woodwork in homes. Not only does buying Brazilian teakwood, cherry or mahogany woods for your dream home decimate the Brazillian rain forest, but also propagates slave labor. Please read this article and inform yourself about the true price of hardwood floors, cabinets and woodworks.

Brazilian hardwood floors. Can you say “slave labor?” - Click to read blog post

From the post:
Do you have Brazilian teakwood floors in your luxury home? How about Brazilian cherry cabinets? Any Brazilian mahogany items? Well, I certainly hope you are enjoying them. They might have come to you at a huge cost… well beyond what you paid for them. There is a good chance that that those exotic hardwoods were harvested by slave labor. Perhaps they were even harvested by child slave labor. But the cost for these materials goes even beyond its toll on slaves or your pocketbook. On average, your Brazilian teakwood floor eliminated 7.5 acres of irreplaceable Amazonian rain forest.


Jerry Graffam said...

I've heard that the rain-forest once covered 15% of our forest land it is now 2%. That's pretty drastic. Food for thought. ~Jerry

Joyce said...

It's great to see the truth come out from various sources. Most people just don't realize the impact of their choices.

CyberCelt said...

@jerry-Thanks for stopping by. The less trees, the more carbon dioxide in the air.

@joyce-Appreciate your support.

Sara Olsen said...

I don't have any idea how much that teak wood cost.


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