Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Good Faucet Will Conserve Water

PricePfisterstoreA quick way to change the look of a bathroom, kitchen or utility room is to replace the faucets. If you are thinking about replacing your faucets, first think about water conservation. I am partial to Price Pfister faucets, but many other types of faucets are well made and do not leak. One leak can waste gallons of water.

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Ken said...

That's a compelling point... I'd not thought of faucets as a way to conserve water...


Tony said...

I recommend this easy and inexpensive solution to saving water, time, and energy; install a Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve under the sink farthest form your water heater and you will have instant hot water throughout your entire home. It saves a lot of water that's normally wasted down the drain while waiting for hot water. The initial $179.95 purchase price is easily recouped by the savings in water and energy! More impressive is the convenience of instant hot water!

The Hot Water Lobster uses no electricity and is pump free, so it creats no noise. It is made in the U.S.A., has a 10 year warranty, and can be easily installed in under 10 minutes.

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