Saturday, September 01, 2007

Two Years After Kartrina . . .

Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. In the days following the tragedy, promises rolled in from the administration to help rebuild that great city and get the citizens of New Orleans back on their feet.

The tremendous suffering that persists on the Gulf Coast is a national disgrace and Congress must help hold the president to his word.

I signed a petition urging the Senate to pass the Gulf Coast Recovery Act of 2007. Can you join me at the link below?

Take action.

The bill provides desperately needed funds for affordable housing, guarantees the replacement of public housing units, and ensures that all those who wish to return home can do so. It also continues assistance for evacuees to make sure that they have safe, decent housing until they can return home.

There is progress in the Gulf, thanks to countless acts of courage and resourcefulness by citizens determined to rebuild. And there is still tremendous suffering—its persistence is a national disgrace. We asked MoveOn members on the Gulf Coast how they were doing two years after Katrina—their stories were uplifting and heartbreaking, eloquent and exasperating.

Life in the Big Easy isn't so easy anymore, and it might never be quite the same. As strong and proud as we New Orleanians may be, we still need the help of our fellow Americans.
–Yanna G., Metairie, LA

What helped the people of the Gulf Coast was not the government, not insurance companies, but regular everyday Americans who gave and continue to give of their time, money, moral support, friendship and love to help us here. I am so grateful for that.
–Jessica J., New Orleans, LA

Recovery has been very slow, especially for renters. We lived in government housing and they have been one of the last to rebuild or repair their buildings. Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary and we are still in a FEMA camper...made to vacation in, NOT live in. We are very thankful for a roof over our heads, however, we need permanent housing.
–Cheryl E., Bay St. Louis, MS

Please, please, please continue to write and call your political representatives, as well as the national media, and tell them that it is unforgivable for them to continue to neglect and forget not only my once amazing city,but the entire Gulf Coast region affected.
–Molly L., New Orleans, LA

Take action.

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