Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Stand Before You and Weep . . .

Over what has happened to the
wild things and sacred spaces of the Earth.

You Must Decide Whether to Save:
  • the Orcas or the Polar Bears,
  • the Gray Wolves or the Spotted Owls,
  • the Redwoods or the Boreal Forests,
  • the Grasslands or the Wetlands,
  • the Ozone or the Permafrost,
  • the Arctic Ice or the Islands of the World.
All I can do is ask you to take action on the issues on which time remains to do something.

God help me find the words . . .

This post is made in support of
BloggersUnite : Blogging for Hope


zune said...

save the orcas

CyberCelt said...

@zune-Thanks for stopping by. I can not choose...


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