Wednesday, September 05, 2007

EnergyPolicyTV : Emerging Source for News

The website for (EPTV) launched in April of 2007. EPTV is unique in that they display original source material and do not alter, comment or interpret these sources. EPTV has over 15 web pages dedicated to specific topics of energy and environmental concerns.

There is also a page for the US Energy Association Newsmaker, videos of approximately one hour, which present information on energy and environmental issues by leaders in the energy industry. This is the area of the site that is most populated with content.

I watched the USEA Newsmaker video of Michael Morris, President, Chairman and CEO, of the American Electric Power Company, the largest coal-burning utility in the United States. Mr. Morris discusses the use of coal and clean coal technologies relative to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Morris also discusses the coming legislative session and the future of nuclear energy. Mr. Morris outlines the challenges faced by energy utilities in providing the generation and service needs of a six-state area. This was an eye-opening video for me.

Energy Policy TV Climate Change Channel can become an excellent source for on-demand video pertaining to climate change, just as the other channels would provide information on other environmental concerns and energy issues.

At this time, you must search for videos and click on them or click a headline on the home page to watch videos. If you go to the Climate Change, Biofuels or Solar channels, you will see an advertisement from BeyondPetroleum. The other channels are blank. I am sure this is just a glitch and the different webpages will be populated with relevant content soon.

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Ashley Tisdale Fan said...

Interesting link, I'll definitely be checking it out! it's always nice to have a news media source that isn't biased, since that's so hard to find these days!

CyberCelt said...

@fan-Thanks for stopping by.


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