Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do You Thoof? Do You Want To?

Thoof is a user-generated news source. If it is published on the Internet, you will find it on Thoof. Thoof is similar to Digg, but you do not have to dig or bury items. It is also similar to StumbleUpon, but you do not have to rate items.

Thoof allows you to teach the system how to give you more personalized news. As you read, you favorite items some items, ignore some items and hide some items. The more you read, favorite and hide, the quicker the system learns what types of news you want to read.

You can search for news items that are tagged with keywords and then save the stream with one click. When you visit and click the saved tag stream environment, you will see all news items with the environment tag. You may save your own stream or click others.

Thoof! is just out of beta release, so check the Thoof! blog to learn of new features, which are added often. If you have an idea to improve Thoof!, submit a post on the blog, or just write a post on your blog and Thoof It!

If you are a competitive blogger, you may want to place your ThoofRank Badge in your post. The ThoofRank Badge is used to show how engaging your news is to readers of similar items.

Click this badge to read the post on Thoof.


jews said...

dont know why, but i got the feeling that thoof wont last. its just another one of those sites - a passing fashion.

meditation said...

ya that was the nice post i having fun be reading this....

Louiss said...

There is an error for me to go in Throof[dot]com. Any idea???
May be author should place a link for us click it easier

CyberCelt said...

@jews, could be. I like it.

@meditation-Thanks for stopping by.

@louiss-There were three links in the post. The name of the news service is

Louiss said...

oh I can surf it now. probably my connection have some problem yesterday


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