Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wildlife to Benefit from Arctic Tale

Watch the epic wildlife adventure, Arctic Tale, now in theaters!
  • Support National Wildlife Federation and three other conservation groups who work to protect the Arctic and its inhabitants against global warming.

  • Appropriate for all ages, Arctic Tale tells the story of a walrus and polar bear on their life journey.

  • The film features spectacular live-action footage that took years to capture.
Discover more about Arctic Tale and be sure to check your local listings for show times.


Spanish Soul said...

This looks like a good movie... it is too often that the arctic animals up north are left out of our thoughts.

CyberCelt said...

@spanish soul-Thanks for stopping by. I guess it is just human nature to worry about the things that surround us and not the far away.

enrico said...

Yes i agree with you exactly...last week i saw a BBC documentary where they say that whales are reduced of 50-70% since year '1800...

But another great thing is that i've discovered that near where i live (Catania,Sicily) in the mediterranena sea...there is a service that do whalewatching...

Is it real that whales live in the Mediterranean?

Best regards
Volcanoetna, travel blog about Sicily holidays

CyberCelt said...

@enrico-here's a url that proves it

tony said...

Just found this blog. Lots of good reading here. I maintain a blog about tundra animals such as polar bears and arctic foxes which are facing pressure due to environmental changes. Keep up the good work friend.


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