Thursday, July 19, 2007

No More Open Spaces in USA?

According to the US Forest Service, 64 million acres of open space, recreation lands, and forests will be developed by 2020, with higher rates of development around national forests and other public lands. This amounts to the size of Colorado, with 6,000 acres coming under development per day (about 250 football field's worth of open space every hour).

The Forest Service is reviewing plans to address the loss of open space and is accepting comments on its Open Space Conservation Strategy. Can you take a minute to write a letter to the Forest Service? Ask them to invest in land conservation and protecting open space. You can find out more and send your letter using the link below.

Send a letter to the Forest Service


Bryan @ One Mans Goal said...

It is a terrible problem indeed.

But what do you suggest we do for housing when we run out of room?

CyberCelt said...

@bryan - There is enough materials existent in the world to build us all a home. It does not have to be wood.


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