Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Death by Sonar in 75% of Earth's Oceans

Five years ago, NRDC won a dramatic courtroom victory blocking global deployment of a dangerous sonar system just as the Navy was about to launch operations. Since then, the Navy's training with LFA sonar has been limited to one remote area. But . . . now . . .

The Navy wants to deploy this LFA sonar system
across a staggering 70 percent of the world's oceans.

LFA is a sonar system so powerful it can impact whales 300 miles away with its ear-splitting noise. We are not talking about pain and discomfort. We are talking uncontrolled brain swelling, bleeding from the ears and death to these gentle denizens of the deep.

Take action.


barbi bharadwaj said...

so many whales have faced a horrible end from whale hunters. Now i guess, we can easily find alternatives for this, so that we do not disturb the silent creatures..

CyberCelt said...

@barbi-the US Navy has been stopped many times from using this sonar. It is just, with the current political climate, the administration has unchecked power.


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