Monday, June 11, 2007

Take Action in the USA

With global warming threatening wildlife and habitat across America, the decisions made now for how we create and regulate energy are more important than ever before. The Senate will be crafting the first Energy Bill of the global warming era, including provisions for:
  • Higher goals for how much renewable energy (such as solar or wind power) America uses.
  • Higher gas mileage standards to make cars go further on a tank of gas.
  • Better requirements for the production of biofuels crops to make sure they are grown in a wildlife friendly manner.
However, legislation could include a push for more highly polluting coal and environmentally devastating nuclear power. Take action now at the National Wildlife Federation website.

If you think I may be overreacting, the Texas legislature tacked on nuclear power projects to the state energy bill during the last days of session. Stop nuclear expansion at the national level.

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