Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes a Virtual Space is Endangered

Save the Internet: Click here

We are not always paying attention to everything that we should be. With so much information "out there," it is almost impossible. However, we should be following what they want to do with the Internet, the last truly free frontier.

View the YouTube film below and please leave me a comment as to what you think.

Save the Internet is where you may take action. Would you sign the petition, would you tell your friends, would you protest outside your State capital on July 4? Let me know you thoughts on net neutrality.


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website copywriter said...

It's like what that guy in the clip said -- it's a debate. Some people will be for it, some against it, and most, IMHO, will not care, which I think is sad.

I agree that it is a pressing issue though. Transparency is essential in all facets of life.

CyberSt0rm said...

Very eye-opening site! Favourited you on technorati!


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