Saturday, June 23, 2007

MTV on Global Warming

MTV launched a worldwide multimedia campaign against global warming with 35 PSAs created by six agencies. The spots will run on MTV channels and reach 1.5 billion viewers. Here are a set of PSAs created by Lowe New York.

Francois features a man leaving the water running while he shaves and brushes his teeth, affecting the life of a polar bear. Click here to watch.

Marie leaves appliances in her bathroom plugged in, causing a penguin to starve in Antarctica. Watch the ad here.

Penguin shows a polluted skyline and a guy throwing a Frisbee to a penguin, hitting him square in the nose. Global warming: no fun for man, no party for penguin either. Click here to see the ad.

Trees is A variety of trees becoming winded as they navigate throughout a city. Watch the ad here.


ouch said...

they do it to now? i hope they will succeed where others have failed

CyberCelt said...

@ouch-Thanks for stopping by. I guess it is IN to be green. I do not care the reason, I am just glad to see the effort being made.


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