Friday, April 27, 2007

A-Z Political Interference in Science

Political Interference in Science from the Union of Concerned Scientists:
The United States has an impressive history of investing in scientific research and respecting the independence of scientists. As a result, we have enjoyed sustained economic progress and public health, as well as unequaled leadership within the global scientific community. Recent actions by political appointees, however, threaten to undermine this legacy by preventing the best available science from informing policy decisions that have serious consequences for our health, safety, and environment. (read more ...)
View cases highlighted in The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science, grouped alphabetically, by issue area, and by agency or department.

Some examples:

C: Can't Say Climate Change at Carbon Conference
D: Distorting and Censoring Global Warming Documents
O: Oil Extraction

While you are there, make sure you visit the Science Idol page or download a lesson plan for using Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom. The entire website at UCS is full of unbiased information that you may use to "teach your children well."

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