Friday, April 06, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio asks You to Help

Keep the Momentum Going by Spreading the Word About Polar Bears and Global Warming

Leonardo DiCpario and Al Gore at the Oscars

Join me in creating a huge outpouring of support for the polar bear. Ask your friends and family to submit their Official Citizen Comments before the April 9 deadline.

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Dear Eileen,

If you watched the Academy Awards, I'm sure you were as proud as I was that An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

The Oscar is a milestone in our fight . . . but now I'm asking for your help to keep the momentum going.

From the folks at NRDC, I know that you have already submitted an Official Citizen Comment -- and I personally want to thank you for taking that critical action.

But now I'm asking you to go one step further and spread the word to your friends and family so they can send in their own Official Citizen Comments by the April 9 deadline.

Together, we can protect the polar bear and send the Bush Administration a message loud and clear: that it must reckon with the pollution that is overheating our globe and threatening all living things.

I've already signed my own Official Citizen Comment -- and used the Tell A Friend page to spread the word about this important campaign to my friends and family.

Please get the word out to your own circle of friends. We only have until April 9 to submit these Comments. To reach our goal of 500,000 signatures, we're really going to need your help.

Let's keep the winning streak we started with An Inconvenient Truth at the Oscars going... by winning this critical protection for the polar bear... and turning down the heat that threatens so many species on Earth, including our own.


Leonardo DiCaprio Signature

Leonardo DiCaprio
NRDC Trustee

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