Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Western Public Lands Opening to Oil and Gas Exploration

While agencies that oversee our lands and wildlife are facing deep budget cuts, the oil and gas industry gets a free pass-expedited access to our western lands, expanded budgets for more drilling on public lands, and waivers on regulations to protect wildlife. This is happening today and every day.

The current administration plans to double the number of oil and gas wells on western lands over the next two decades, an increase that could have enormous impacts on communities, water, wildlife and wilderness.

What's to be done?

Last week, along with a broad coalition of folks, we published a series of guidelines for developing a balanced federal energy policy that allows responsible oil and gas drilling without sacrificing water quality, special places and wildlife habitat.

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chase said...

Well at least here we also have strict laws in protecting the nature. As much as possible we dont want to create damage in the area if there is possibity of digging oil or other source of energy.

The Artist said...

What a wonderful blog.

I so look forward to staying in touch.

Thanks for the links, have made them reciprocal, with best wishes, The Artist


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