Monday, March 26, 2007

Teacher's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth

If you are interested in teaching using the movie, An Inconvenient Truth (AIT), you may download the free AIT Educator's Resource.

From the website:
AIT in the Classroom is designed for high school science classrooms such as Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Physics, but the materials can also be used in Civics classes, middle school science classes and offer Service Learning opportunities as well.
You just register with user name and email and then you may download any and all of the curriculum.
  • Tier One – The Green Mile to School (672 KB). For this one-day lesson, students are challenged to examine their personal activities and estimate their own impact, while finding ways to reduce damage to our environment.

  • Tier Two – Think Globally, Act Locally (894 KB). The stage for this week-long program is set by viewing a series of DVD chapters that detail the science of global warming and culminate with a focus on the Kyoto Treaty and on the U.S. cities that are taking matters into their own hands.

  • Tier Three – Small Steps Mean Smaller Footprints (1.2 MB). This semester-long program is highly project-based. After discussing climate change and renewable energies, students will interact with large sets of scientific data and draw conclusions from those interactions. Focusing on their conclusions, students will take action to present their findings to local government representatives, community members, or the PTA.

  • Full Curriculum - AIT in the Classroom (3.3 MB).
Global Warming, whatever the cause is cited, is scientific fact. If you wish to become more educated about the implication of ecological changes that may occur, you should see the movie. If you are an educator, homeschooling parent or just a substitute teacher looking for something to use next time you show up and there no lesson plan, get AIT in the Classroom.

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