Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stop the Sale or Public Lands to Developers!

President Bush has delivered his 2008 budget to Congress, and once again he has proposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and selling off almost a million acres of public forest and park lands to private developers to help balance the federal budget. These public land sales would affect 35 states, decimating wildlife habitat and hunting and fishing areas.

Congress has rejected previous proposals, but that does not stop the administration. To stop this and future attacks on our public lands, Senator Bingaman (D-NM) has introduced an amendment to the Senate's budget resolution that would nearly prohibit the sale of federal lands and oil from the Arctic Refuge to reduce the federal deficit.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Senator Bingaman's amendment either tomorrow or Friday.

Call your United States senator and ask your senator to vote for Senator Bingaman's amendment to the budget resolution that would prohibit selling our public lands to reduce the deficit. Find your senators here.

Visit NRDC's Earth Action Center to take action online.

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