Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is the first step

If we say, "there is nothing I can do," it will be true. If we say, "there is something I can do," that is the first step toward change. This is a blog about positive change.

This is a blog about our mother, the Earth, and steps we may take to be a force for positive change.
There will be posts about what you--mother, father, child, consumer, student, taxpayer, citizen--can do to effect change in the world around us.

This blog will serve as a resource of ways that you may green your house, your car and your life. This blog will outline the actions that should be taken on water, environment, wildlife and human rights issues. Further, it will ask for accountability by our elected officials. Finally, this blog is an effort to connect with others in the cybersphere who carry this cause close to their heart.

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