Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Humpback Set for Slaughter by Japanese

On November 18, a fleet of four Japanese vessels left Shimonoseki harbor in Western Japan to begin a five-month whale hunt in the Antarctic Ocean. The whalers are planning the largest hunt in decades. They will target 850 minke and 50 finback whales. They plan to harpoon as many as 50 humpback whales for the first time since hunting the endangered species was banned in 1963.

Japan has continued to kill hundreds of whales every year for scientific research. Once a whale is killed, scientists collect data from the animal's remains on its age, birthing rate and diet; the meat is then packaged and sold. Japan maintains that the research is essential for managing the whale population.

What stands between the Japanese fleet and the whales. GreenPeace. May God be with them as they put their ships and selves in front of harpoons.

The escalation of the hunt, and the inclusion of humpbacks, has drawn condemnation from leading anti-whaling countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

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